Calf Care Program

The future of your dairy relies greatly on a successful calf raising program. Our goal with the Calf Care Monitoring Program is to ensure that calves are not only receiving the best treatment available, but that employees are performing tasks correctly to have the calves continually growing healthy and strong to become high producing animals.

Key Components

  • Audits (calving assistance and new born calf management, colostrum collection and management, maternity pen and cow hygiene monitoring, milk preparation, disease detection and treatments (weekly);

  • Work organization and workers training activities (as needed);

  • Field trials and cost-benefit analysis for decision making (as needed);

  • Laboratory support (daily, 7 days a week: colostrum quality, total proteins in newborn calves to determine passive transfer of immunity, culture of colostrum and prepared milk, bedding culture, equipment hygiene, etc.)



  • Calving management evaluation and training.

  • Newborn care.

  • Bedding culturing.


  • Milk preparation.

  • Milk refusals.

  • Grain intakes.

Calf Health

  • Health scoring.

  • Morbidity and mortality.

  • Treatment compliance.

  • Treatment efficacy and cost.

Colostrum Management

  • Collection, storage, and feeding procedures.

  • Quality and bacteria count.

  • Serum total protein.


  • Housing.

  • Feeding.

  • Colostrum collection/storage.


  • Height and weight


Work Organization

  • Activity flows.

  • Protocols.

  • SOP’s.

Labor Training

  • On-farm training.

  • Courses and workshops.

  • Continuing education program.

Record Management System

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