DairyExperts Research Facilities

Multiple Possibilities:

One Pen (Feed Intake Control and Measurement System)

Advanced technology system allows:

  • To control the access of cows to feed mangers with different diets (allows the use of the cow as the experimental unit even when the treatment is administered through the diet).

  • To control the amount of feed each cow eats (allows feed intake control studies).

  • To measure individual cow feed intake, number of visits, and feeding time (allows to evaluate the effect of the treatment on feed intake, feed efficiency, as well as eating behavior).

Multiple Pens (Up to 20 Pens with 10 Cows Each)

It allows enough replication when using the pen as the experimental unit (the cow is still used as the observational/measuring unit).

Individual Cow Pens

Drug residue studies, among others.

Advanced Technologies:

Milk Measurements

Milk yield and components (fat, protein, lactose), as well as quality (SCC and presence of blood) are measured automatically from every at every milking.

Health and Behavior Sensors

Cows are equipped with sensors continuously monitoring different body systems. The provide information related to heart, respiration and rumination rates, body temperature, activity, standing and lying behavior, eating time, heat detection, etc.

Methane Measurements

Measurement of methane emissions of individual cows at each one of the feed mangers.

Body Weight Measurements

Scales collect body weight measurement with the desired frequency.

Controlled Environment

A mechanical ventilation system assists with air renewal and the control of temperature and humidity in the barn, as well as with cow cooling. Also, light hours and intensity are programable. Finally, pens can be isolated to prevent air flow between pens.

Animal Well-Being

Our facilities are an architype of housing designed to maximize animal well-being. Rubber mat covered alleys, ventilation and cooling systems, free movement of animals, as well as spacious and comfy resting areas provide exceptional comfort and allow cows the expression of social and other behaviors

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