Workers Education & Training Courses

We believe that when someone can understand why they are performing a task, along with the consequences and benefits, they will perform the task better and more efficiently.

DairyExperts offers a variety of intensive, science-based educational programs to dairy workers to expand their knowledge, skills and attitudes so they enhance the profitability and sustainability of their dairy farm.


Different courses with in-class teaching/discussions and hands-on training will be offered and delivered at a minimum attendance of 10 students (maximum of 20). (Spanish and English).


  • Feeding management
  • Low stress handling of cattle
  • Fresh cow health monitoring
  • Sick cow detection and treatment
  • Milking procedures and routine / Mastitis and milk quality
  • Maternity pen management / Calving assistance
  • Calf management and heifer raising

Duration (per course):

  • 6 weeks
  • 2-3 hours per week


  • Lectures / Method demonstration
  • Hands-on workshops / learning by doing
  • Case studies using workers’ jobsites examples

Workers Evaluation:

  • Pre and post class / course tests
  • Course project: Integration of what was learned to the worker’s jobsites
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