Feeding Care Program

The goals of a dairy feeding program are to provide cows with a ration that: 1) is properly formulated to meet animal requirements, 2) is correctly mixed to provide a uniform nutrient supply to all cows, 3) has an optimal particle length that favors rumen function but prevents sorting, 4) is made with high quality ingredients that are well preserved, and 5) that is consistently available at the feedbunk.


Continuous monitoring

Farm personal will be provided training and tools to measure dry matter (DM) of feeds and estimate dry matter intake (DMI) of the different pens. DairyExperts personnel will review this information on a daily basis and act on it. Measurements:

  1. Dry Matter (DM) of:
    • TMR loads
    • Silages
  2. Dry matter intake (DMI) of all pens

Records monitoring

Feed management software (FMS) assists with recipe preparation, inventory management, and feeder performance monitoring. Information will be used to generate weekly reports and charts based upon:

  1. Loading and delivery errors
  2. Mixing time
  3. Time between loads
  4. Loading and delivery sequence of ingredients

Laboratory Analysis

  1. TMR – Once a week. Random sample of TMR loads representing different rations.
  2. Dry forages – at arrival
  3. Silages – once a month
  4. Grains and other concentrates – once a month

TMR Audit

It is am on-farm evaluation of the feed storage and preparation, mixing and delivery of the TMR. It is designed to uncover the factors affecting TMR consistency and to help find solutions to improve the efficiency of the feeding operation. A TMR Audit evaluates:

  • Silage management

  • TMR wagon check list

  • Feed center organization and equipment flow

  • TMR loading and mixing process

  • TMR delivery / Distribution and levels of feed across feed bunks

  • Evaluation of the TMR particle size consistency within and across loads of TMR

  • Distribution and levels of feed and sorting across feed bunks

  • Pushups and feed bunk management

  • Coordination of feeding with milking, locking up cows, manure scraping and bedding

Feeders Training and Continuing Education (as needed)

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