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At DairyExperts we offer analytical packages to satisfy your Feeds Analysis, Ration Balancing, as well as Feeding Management Needs. The equations used at DairyExperts, Inc. have been satisfying the feed analysis needs of dairymen, consultants and veterinarians from around the world that recognize Dairy One NIR calibrations as the most accurate and reliable for feed analysis.

Our advantages

  • Samples pick up service.
  • Lab running 7 days a week.
  • Results available the same day.
  • The most trusted equations by nutritionists.
  • Customer focused / Solutions with additional value.
  • Feeding management monitoring solutions available.
  • Most accurate equations available / Professional support.

What is the value of analyzing feeds/rations?

  • Ration formulation and balancing: Analyzing the nutrient composition of the different feeds going into a ration allows to optimize ration formulation that will maximize productivity and health.
  • Feeding management: The analysis of the TMR allows to know if there is a correct inclusion of ingredients and mixing uniformity during the preparation of the TMR. It also allows us to evaluate if there is sorting of the ration.
  • Feed Value: Knowing the nutrient composition of feed you can make better forage or commodity buying decisions, estimate nutrient supplementation needs for new feeds, and evaluate nutrient changes during feed out and total nutrient losses.

Feeds and TMR Analysis NIR Packages

Forage Prime Forage Pro Forage Grain Commodity TMR
DM Dry Matter X X X X X X
CP Crude Protein X X X X X X
SP Soluble Protein X X X X X X
RDP Rumen Degradable Protein X X X X
ACID CP Acid Detergent Insoluble Crude Protein X X X X
NDCIP Neutral Detergent Insoluble Crude Protein X X X X
Est. Lysine & Methionine X X X X
ADF Acid Detergent Fiber X X X X X X
aNDF Amylase Neutral Detergent Fiber X X X X X X
Lignin X X X X X
Starch X X X X X
WSC Water Soluble Carbohydrates X X X
ESC Ether Soluble Carbohydrates X X X
NFC Non-Fiber Carbohydrates X X X X X X
Fat X X X X X X
TFA Total Fatty Acids X X
RUFAL Rumen Unsaturated Fatty Acid X X
RFV Relative Feed Value X X
RFQ Relative Forage Quality X
MILK 20006 X X
TDN Total Digestible Nutrients X X X X X X
NEI Net Energy for Lactation X X X X X X
NEm Net Energy for Maintenance X X X X X X
NEg Net Energy for Gain X X X X X X
ME Metabolized Energy X X X X X
DE Digestible Energy X X X X X
Ca Calcium X X X X X
P Phosphorous X X X X X
Mg Magnesium X X X X X
K Potassium X X X X X
S Sulfur X X X X X
Cl Chlorine X X X
C18:1 Oleic Fatty Acid X X
C18:2 Linoleic Fatty Acid X X
C18:3 Linolenic Fatty Acid X X
uNDfom & NDFDom at 30, 120, & 240 hrs. Undigestible & Digestible Neutral Detergent Fiber at different time points X

Grain NIR available for corn, barley, oats, wheat, triticale, distillers, and brewers grains. Corn grains NIR results include starch digestibility.

Commodity NIR available for beet pulp, canola meal, canola seed, cottonseed meal, corn gluten feed, corn gluten meal, corn germ meal, grain screenings, hominy, wheat midds, soybeans, roasted soybeans, soybean meal, heat treated soybean meal, and soy hulls.

Sample Submission Form

Results can be available for viewing through e-mail, Dropbox and your online account.

Feeds and TMR Sample Collection

Along with the analysis, we also offer our sample collection services where DairyExperts personnel will go to your facilities and collect the samples for you. If you prefer to collect the sample, we do offer pick-up services 7 days a week.

Quality Assurance

Providing accurate results is a task that requires accurate reference analysis, detailed sample management techniques, technical proficiency and frequently updated and serviced databases. The quality of our results is high priority to both us as the provider and our clients as the recipient. Equipment is serviced and diagnostics along with control checks are ran weekly to ensure results are as accurate as possible. Along with these measures, our biases are reviewed and confirmed by Dairy One standards to ensure uniform results.

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