Mastitis & Milk Quality Lab Overview

DairyExperts Milk Quality & Mastitis Lab offers the most advanced microbiology (including milk and colostrum culture) and DNA-based technologies (PCR and DNA fingerprinting) for Individual Cow, String or Bulk Tank Testing, among others, to provide dairy producers and industry with the most accurate and time efficient results.

Our Advantages

  • Samples pick up service.
  • Lab running 7 days a week.
  • Results in 24 hours or less (4 hours with PCR).
  • Customer focused / Solutions with additional value.
  • Most advanced technologies / Professional microbiologists.
  • The first lab in California offering DNA-Based (PCR) testing in milk, with same day results.

Which Cows Should be Sampled?

  • Clinical mastitis cows: Identifying the organism/s present can be used to make treatment, segregation and culling decisions; as well provides current information about infection dynamics in the herd to establish mastitis prevention and control strategies.
  • Fresh cows: To make sure they do not enter the milking string infected and monitor the infection dynamics during the dry period.
  • High somatic cell count cows: To determine the organisms present in cows with high SCC.
  • Dry cows: To identify cows infected with a contagious organism or to differentiate cows that may benefit from dry cow treatment from the ones that do not.
  • Purchased cows: To ensure purchased cows are clear of any contagious bacteria that may spread to the herd.

When to Sample Bulk Tanks and Pens/Strings?

Large dairies benefit from sample hospital tanks on a daily basis and saleable milk bulk tanks once a week as a minimum. Similarly, strings should be sampled at least once a month when no contagious pathogens (Mycoplasma spp., Staphylococcus aureus, or Streptococcus agalactiae) have been detected recently, or weekly if there have been cows infected with these pathogens recently.

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