Dairy farm owners need to be updated on business management topics; dairy managers need to be educated in best management practices, how to organize work and monitor workers; and workers must be educated and trained.

Systemizing Work

  • Identifying processes.
  • Building processes and teams.
  • Work organization (Activity flow, etc).
  • Developing SOPs and protocols.
  • Managing and monitoring employees.

Information Management

  • Standard records management.
  • Monitoring processes and measuring results.
  • New technologies data (robotics, sensors, etc).
  • Big data management.
  • Others.

Human Resource Management

  • Selection and recruitment of employees.
  • Creating a wining culture / Motivation.
  • Worker conflict management.

Business Management

  • Hot topics: cover break through innovations and current issues that the dairy industry (ie. immigration issues, milk price outlook, new technologies, etc).
  • Cost and returns of different management programs and practices.
  • Business and finances management.
  • Decision making tools.
  • Investments.
  • Others.
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