Milk Quality Care Program

On large dairies, often the people making the decisions are not the same as the people doing the work.

This implies that the key to a successful milk quality program is not only the understanding of good practices by dairy managers, but also requires that quality work is done by the farm workers. Therefore, DairyExperts offers end-to-end solutions that go beyond offering advice. It is based on providing comprehensive solutions that include identification and resolution of bottlenecks, building processes to organize work and support employees, daily monitoring and weekly audits, and decision-making support through field trials and cost-benefit analysis.

Key Components

  • Audits related to parlor monitoring (milker-cow-side, and equipment observations, and analysis parlor generated records), as well as stall and cow hygiene monitoring (weekly);

  • Clinical mastitis (weekly) and SCC (monthly) records evaluation;

  • Work organization and workers training activities (as needed);

  • Field trials and cost-benefit analysis for decision making (as needed);

  • Laboratory support (daily, 7 days a week).


Parlor Monitoring

    • Milking procedures and timing.

    • Teat cleanliness and condition.

    • Parlor performance records.

    • Milking machine testing.

Stall and Cow Hygiene Monitoring

    • Bedding management.

    • Udder and leg hygiene scoring.

Records evaluation

    • Infection dynamics using SCC.
    • Clinical mastitis records.
    • Bulk tank culture results.


Work Organization

    • Activity flows.
    • Protocols.
    • SOP’s.

Labor Training

    • On-farm training.
    • Courses and workshops.
    • Continuing education program.
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