Systems Check Lab

Parlor / Bulk Tank Monitoring

  • Evaluate compliance of milkers sanitary procedures, the cow environment, routine cleaning and sanitation of the equipment, and milk storage cold cycle).
  • Contagious pathogens surveillance.

Colostrum and Calf Milk Management

  • Colostrum collection, handling and storage process.
  • Calf milk preparation process / Pasteurization effectiveness.
  • Calf feeding equipment.
  • Colostrum and calf milk solids.
  • Serum total proteins of newborn calves.

Surfaces, Equipment and Consumables Cleanliness and Disinfection

  • Hutches cleanliness.
  • Bedding management (clean and used bedding culture).
  • Towel culture.
  • Water, teat dip, etc. culture.

Feeds Quality and Feeding Management

  • Feed analysis.
  • TMR analysis – To monitor the correct inclusion of ingredients and mixing uniformity during the preparation of the TMR. It also allows us to evaluate if there is sorting of the ration.

We are flexible and can offer more monitors depending on the producer’s needs. With these test producers can receive a better idea of how their employees are performing and how well the systems in place are functioning.

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