TMR Nutrient Monitoring Program

Feed Ration Formulations and Balancing

Analyze forages

  • Dry forages to be collected once a month

  • Silages to be collected once a week

Analyze grains and other concentrates once a month Shaker Box for Particle size to be done once a month Farm visits once a week to collect weekly samples

Feed Management

laboratory, analysis, diagnostics
  • Compare feed values with fresh feed and previous feed sample to identify sorting

Ingredient Amounts and Mixing

  • Collect 3 samples per pen/ration to analyze disbursement of ingredients

  • Shaker box analysis to determine particle size

Key Components

  • Audits related to TMR

  • Sample Collection and Analysis

  • Feed records evaluation.

  • Field trials and cost-benefit analysis for decision making (as needed).

  • Laboratory support (daily, 7 days a week).

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